Meta's Threads vs Elon Musk's Twitter

Politics and Hard News will not be Pushed by Threads Like Twitter, Instagram Head Says

Instagram head Adam Mosseri cleared things up and said Threads will not push politics and hard news like Twitter.   What is the Complete...

Meta's Twitter competitor Threads

Twitter’s Competitor, Threads Sets to Launch on 6 July

6 July is the day when you get bail from Twitter. According to the App Store listing, Threads is expected to launch on...

Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Duped Millions of Consumers into Enrolling in Prime Subscription

On Wednesday, Amazon was accused of enrolling millions of consumers into its paid Prime subscription without their consent. What is the Complete Story?...

2023 Entrepreneurial trends

8 Entrepreneurial Trends to Watch in July 2023

Nowadays, it has become a trend; people ditching traditional career paths and pursuing their dreams. After Covid-19 hit, there has been a lot...

bull market

Officially, We are in a Bull Market Again

Since the market reached its most recent low on 12 October 2022, finally, Wall Street is feeling bullish again.  What is the Complete...

Tucker Carlson left Fox News

Fox Loses $500 Million in Value After Tucker Carlson Exit

After the star host, Tucker Carlson, announced that he is parting ways with Fox News, the media company has sunk more than $500...

Tik Tok CEO Shou Chew hearing

5 Key Takeaways from Tik Tok CEO’s First Appearance Before Congress

On Thursday, Tik Tok CEO Shou Chew made his first appearance before Congress and expressed deep scepticism about his company’s attempts to ease...

Elon Musk buy Silicon Valley Bank

Elon Musk is Interested in Buying Silicon Valley Bank After Collapse

Twitter’s new owner and CEO, Elon Musk, shows interest in buying Silicon Valley Bank after it collapsed on 10 March 2023.  What is...

Silicon Valley Bank collapse

How does Silicon Valley Bank Collapse? Explained

On Friday morning, Silicon Valley Bank, facing a sudden bank run and capital crisis, collapsed. Since Washington Mutual failed in 2008, it was...

Twitter Outages Elon Musk

Twitter Faces One of the Biggest Outages Since Elon Musk Took Over

On Monday, Twitter’s website was inaccessible for most of the users, marking one of the biggest outages since Elon Musk took over.  What...