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China Refused to Condemn Russia’s Ukraine Invasion During G20 Summit

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During a G20 summit in India, China showed their complete disapproval of condemning 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

What is the Complete Story?

This week India hosted a G20 summit in the southern city of Bengaluru to talk about the different assessments of the situation in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia. 

Except for China and Russia itself, almost every member present at the summit agreed to the two paragraphs summarising the Ukraine-Russia war. They even criticised the aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

Beijing declined to accept the closing statement during the G20 summit in India that deplored Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in solid terms. According to Moscow, the anti-Russian western countries had upset the stability of the meeting. 

The summit even summarised the recent earthquake in Turkey, food insecurity, global tax policy, middle income and debt in low countries. 

Beijing has complicatedly stepped up its efforts surrounding the conflicts since the invasion a year ago. Also, China announced a 12-point plan for ending the Russo-Ukraine war. The plan consists of peace talks and respect for national sovereignty. 

But it is not mentioned anywhere in the plan that Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine. Russia welcomed the plan. However, it encouraged US president Joe Biden to make a statement that Putin is applauding it, so how could it be okay? 

Economic and Financial Issues

G20 Summit

A senior Indian Official, Ajay Seth, made a statement after the G20 meeting that Chinese and Russian representatives didn’t agree to the working on Ukraine as their most important work is to deal with economic and financial issues. 

Seth added all the other 18 countries believe that the war has implications for the global economy and needs to be mentioned. 

Anti-Russian way

Russia’s foreign ministry regretted that the G20 activities continue destabilising by the western countries and are used in an anti-Russian way. 

But the Finance Minister of Germany, Christian Linder made a statement that this is war and it has a cause, that is Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. 

He added it must be expressed clearly at the G20 finance meeting. A resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was backed by 141 nations, with 32 abstaining, including the UN General Assembly in New York.

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