Home Celebrity Everything to Know About Hong Kong-Born American Singer Coco Lee (February 2024)

Everything to Know About Hong Kong-Born American Singer Coco Lee (February 2024)

hong kong born american singer coco lee dead

Hong Kong-born American singer, who reached international recognition with an Oscar nomination song in 2001, Coco Lee died at 48 by committing suicide.

What is the Complete Story?

On Wednesday, her sisters Carol and Nancy Lee announced that Coco had committed suicide. The reason behind her committing suicide was found to be depression. And her condition has become even worse over the last few months. 

However, Coco has sought professional help to cure her mental instability. But sadly, all of it failed, and the demon inside her took her life. 

Who was Coco Lee?

Born on 17 January 1975 in British Hong Kong, Coco Lee was a Hong Kong-born American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. 

She had built a very successful career and was best known to American audiences for her song, A Love Before Time in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Later, the song was nominated for an Oscar, and she reached international recognition with that song. 

In March 2001, Coco even got the opportunity to perform in front of a television audience of millions at the Academy Awards Ceremony. She became the first Chinese American singer to perform at the Academy Awards. 

Her other songs were also hits. One of her songs, Do You Want My Love, received international attention and entered the top 50 of the US Billboard Dance Club Play Chart. She also became the first Chinese ambassador of a famous French luxury fashion brand, Chanel. 

Was Coco Lee Married?

coco lee husband bruce rockowitz

Yes, she was married to Canadian billionaire Bruce Rockowitz. On 27 October 2011, the couple got married in Hong Kong. It was a Jewish Ceremony, which included performances by Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, and Ne-Yo. 

However, Coco registered a song named I just wanna marry u for her wedding. The pair shared two stepdaughters from Bruce’s previous marriage. 

How did Coco Lee Die?

Her sisters, Carol and Nancy Lee, revealed that Coco committed suicide after suffering from depression for a few years. They didn’t mention the place of her death. On Sunday, Coco was taken to hospital after she committed suicide. 

But she didn’t survive and died. Her sisters said Coco’s mental condition had worsened over the last few months. Although she was also taken for professional help, unfortunately, it didn’t work, and the demon inside her took the better of her. 

According to her sisters, she marked the 30th anniversary of her successful singing career this year. She was known to have worked tirelessly as she wanted to open up a new world for Chinese singers on the international music platform.

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